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i tried to dig group and web but with no any fitting results.

So what i need?

i need to use special directive at templates like:

<p allow="Guest">Login link</p>
<p allow="User">Logout link</p>
<p allow="User.List">Show all users link<p>
<p allow="User.Create">Create a new user link</p>

where Guest,User, User.List, User.Create and etc - rules at backend's RBAC system.

I can't request all auth items from backend, because it has few levels of hierarchy (E.g.: User->Admin->User.List) and can has some complex logic. So no any reason to duplicate it at client side, all i need - ask backend to check access for auth item.

So as you see here we have 4 auth items that i need to check and that's only beginning, at real application, almost any action has own auth item. The simplest way ask backend for each auth item, but it will spam server badly and time of response/loading will be dramatic.

So what i would like to do:

  1. collect all auth items from 'allow' (compile time?)
  2. request backend for a bunch of auth items to check (so only 1 request to backend) and get response like: { 'Guest': false, 'User': true, 'User.List': false, 'User.Create': false}
  3. render/refresh/process view with information from backend (link time?)

I tried something like this:

angular.module('app').directive('allow', ['$http', function($http) {
    var items = [];

    var checkAccess = function(){
/// we doing request http request to backend with array 'items'  to check

    return {
        restrict: 'A',
        link: {
            pre: function preLink($scope, $element, $attrs, $controller) {
            post: function postLink($scope, $element, $attrs, $controller) {
/// remove element when auth item is not allowed. checkAccess must be called already and has response

But problem is that i somewhere must call checkAccess and do it only once! I supposed that there is something like $onCompileLink, but looks like not.

Is anyone has any ideas how to do it?!

Ok, here is some prototype:


But as you see, by this way we still spam server with alot of small request. Sure, after some time all this will be cached, but i would like (as i asked in first message) to request backend to check bunch of items, not one by one.

So to summarize, is it possible to group and on some event to request backend only once?! I would like to execute it after compiling template, right before render - yes, some checkAccess can be at controller, but most items will be checked during compiling template as i see.

Any ideas?

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