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I am trying to install a dependency with Bower using a Url. As of Bower documentation:

Bower offers several ways to install packages:

    # Using the dependencies listed in the current directory's bower.json 
    bower install
    # Using a local or remote package 
    bower install <package>
    # Using a specific version of a package 
    bower install <package>#<version>
    # Using a different name and a specific version of a package 
    bower install <name>=<package>#<version> 

Where can be any one of the following:

  • A name that maps to a package registered with Bower, e.g, jquery.
  • A remote Git endpoint, e.g., git://github.com/someone/some-package.git. Can be public or private.
  • A local endpoint, i.e., a folder that's a Git repository.
  • A shorthand endpoint, e.g., someone/some-package (defaults to GitHub).
  • A URL to a file, including zip and tar files. Its contents will be extracted.

However,then it says,that all the types except the url allow to specify a version.

How do I specify a version for a URL downloaded dependency?

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Use a git endpoint instead of a package name:

bower install https://github.com/jquery/jquery.git#2.0.3
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This is a Git endpoint, and specifying the versioning works. If you specify for example a Javascript file directly, this does not work –  Edmondo1984 Oct 14 '13 at 4:51

I believe that specifying version works only for git-endpoints. And not for folder/zip ones. As when you point bower to a js-file/folder/zip you already specified package and version (except for js indeed). Because a package has bower.json with version in it. Specifying a version in 'bower install' makes sense when you're pointing bower to a repository which can have many versions of a package. It can be only git I think.

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