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The version of PPM (4.06, and I run it under Windows) directly puts me into a GUI which is a nice but since I'm quite comfortable with the command-line prompt so I still want to find a way to get a command-line prompt instead of a GUI.

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If you call ppm without arguments or as ppm gui, then it will be used the GUI. If you use other parameters, then the GUI will not be used.

The list of the arguments accepted by the command includes

ppm install [--area <area>] [--force] <pkg>
ppm install [--area <area>] [--force] <module>
ppm install [--area <area>] <url>
ppm upgrade [--install]
ppm upgrade <pkg>
ppm upgrade <module>
ppm remove [--area <area>] [--force] <pkg>
ppm area list [--csv] [--no-header]
ppm area sync
ppm list [--fields <fieldnames>] [--csv]
ppm list <area> [--fields <fieldnames>] [--csv]
ppm files <pkg>
ppm verify [<pkg>]

You can find the complete list at ActivePerl.

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It looks to me like the command line prompt interface has been removed; last I knew (quite some time ago), ActivePerl was still including multiple versions of the ppm tool, so ppm3 might work for you.

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Works here on Windows 7 with Active Perl 5.10.1, PPM 4.06... – Joe Internet Dec 21 '09 at 7:07
thanks for confirming – ysth Dec 21 '09 at 9:37

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