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I have a content type in that consists of over 250000 nodes that i want to delete. Deleting in through View Bulk Operations takes way to much time(2+ days) and runs into errors. Is there a faster way to do this straight through the database. So for example can I just empty all the tables in the database that include the fields in that content type. I feel that would delete them 100 times faster but will it cause problems with my website doing it straight of the database? Thanks.

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Activate the query logging feature of the Devel module. Delete a node. See what queries where executed for the node to be deleted. This should give you a pretty good picture of what needs to be done to delete a node, including queries executed by hooks.

You might also want to have a look at node_delete_multiple() to see what other actions are executed during node deletion (for example the search index is rebuilt).

To get a picture of what relevant hook implementations exist, you can hack module_invoke_all() to log calls to hook_node_delete and hook_entity_delete and examine if they do additional tasks other than executing database queries.

With this information, you can write a PHP script or Drush command that deletes multiple nodes more efficiently than calling node_delete_multiple() multiple times. Especially bootstrapping Drupal does not need to be done (or at least not that often).

On the other hand, a Drush command that just calls node_delete_multiple() on the first 50 nodes in question until all relevant nodes are gone is quicker to implement. It might be worth accepting the added processing time to save on development time.

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