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I have knockout viewModel:

function vm() {
 this.text = ko.observable("defualt text"); 

and my html

<input data-bind="value: text" />
<span data-bind="text: text" />

when I have my instance of vm in javascript and call for

vm.text() - output is "default text" which is ok,

now - when I change the text in the input field - so is span text changing - it's ok, but if I call vm.text() - the output is still "default text".

My question: Is there any way that I could make it automatic two-way binding?

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try to read this "knockout update observable"

Knockout observable change not detected if value changed externally

here the demo

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By default change event of input is triggered on blur (focus drop), but you can force knockout to listen another event. Try this:

data-bind="value: text, valueUpdate: 'afterkeydown'"
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