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I have a html element with id="#item" I have a UI event that programaticaly alters the css for "#item" by adding the class ".new" to "#item". Initially I want "#item" to have "position:absolute". However once the class ".new" is added to "#item" the only way I can get the formatting I want in Chrome inspector is to removed position:absolute from the css for "#item". I'd like to accomplish this instead via the css in ".new", however in Chrome inspector my options for changing the position attribute are


As far as I can tell none of these do the same thing as removing "position:absolute" in Chrome inspector. Can anyone suggest what to put in the css for ".new" to revert to the css default positioning.

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Try leaving the field blank and set important like this: position: !important; –  CIRCLE Oct 13 '13 at 22:44
position: static is default. –  user1508519 Oct 13 '13 at 22:49

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#test {
  position: absolute;

#test {
  position: static;

Remove one or the other to see the difference.

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The CSS2 specification says that the initial position value of an element is static.

So in your case if you can't actually remove a declaration then reset it to the "default" which is static.

#item {
    position: static;
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