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I am able to hook SharePoint 2010 VHD with vmware. The central admin comes up but port 80 dont even come up. I ran into this article but I dont know to perform this in VMWare Station 8. Please suggest.

Ping localhost host gives But I get 404 both on localhost and 127.0.01

Ping to takes a long time and i get request could not find host ....

Binding looks good too.

I am not seeing anything in IIS log . I mean nothing specific to

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Looks like a DNS Issue to me. Try to add to the hosts file as:

If this works then it is definitely a DNS issue, check if the service is running.

Also check if you actually assigned a virtual network card to the box in VMWare.

Update: To add NIC to VM Ware you edit machine settings and add hardware, add a network card as bridged. You can then manage the network card normally inside Windows.

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My problem is that NIC setup is all messed up. What would be similar steps in VMware workstation like they have in the link above for hyper-v. –  user1497590 Oct 14 '13 at 17:29
Check my update –  Luis Oct 15 '13 at 0:38

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