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I have some typeError problems with my python code. I get int object is not iterable and I have no idea why. I'm very much of a beginner.

# coding=utf8
def main():
numbers = input ("Enter numbers: ")
numbers = int(numbers)

print ("\nNumbers (lowest): %s " % min(numbers))
print ("Numbers (all numbers) %s " % numbers)
print ("Numbers (highest): %s " % max(numbers))

print ("Numbers (mean value) %s " % sum // len(numbers))   
print ("Numbers (summary) %s " % sum(numbers))

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What do you expect int(numbers) to do? What do you type in after Enter numbers: ? –  Blender Oct 14 '13 at 0:18
What do you expect list(numbers) to do, given that numbers is currently an int? –  Karl Knechtel Oct 14 '13 at 0:21
let me chime in and suggest you put in one line of comment for like each line of code, or write the procedure in pseudo-code like you would expect a recipe to be written; that would help a lot. My guess is that there's a hazy feeling but no very clear-cut idea here about what are the input and what are the output data types in each function call. –  flow Oct 14 '13 at 0:30

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when you use input() its returning an int:

then when you do list(numbers) you are trying to make a list from an int thats why you are getting the error

to make a list from the number do

number = [number]

then number is a list that you can call len() on etc

if you are entering the numbers like this for example:

1 4 2 5 3 5

then just do

num_list = numbers.split()

and then num_list will equal [1,4,2,5,3,5]

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well just as i remarked above, input certainly does not return an int--a numerical type--but rather a text, a string, which is a chain of characters (some of which may or may not be digits) –  flow Oct 14 '13 at 0:34
use split() and then iterate through the list and int each item and if you get an error then delete the item –  Serial Oct 14 '13 at 0:37

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