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I am using acts_ as_ taggable_on in my app and have it working perfectly however I am looking for information on how to make one modification.

At present if I enter a tag which includes spaces, the tag is saved with these spaces and so to view all records with this tag I have something like:


How can I hyphenate tags when they are first saved by acts_ as_ taggable_on so that the tag is stored as this-tag-has-spaces?

I can substitute the values as follows, but how do I do this before acts_ as_ taggable_on takes over and saves the tag list?




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By taking advantage of the fact that acts_as_taggable_on_steroids exposes a tag_list accessor that can be written to, here is what I did on one of my models. I assume you could do something similar:

class MyTaggableObject < ActiveRecord::Base 

  before_validation :clean_up_tags

  # Clean up tag formatting
  def clean_up_tags
    # Make lowercase 

    # Replace any non-word ([^\w]) characters with a hyphen
    self.tag_list.map! {|tag| tag.gsub(/[^\w]+/i,'-')} 
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Perfect - thanks!! –  simonyoung Dec 20 '09 at 23:58

You can add the following line:

ActsAsTaggableOn.force_parameterize = true

to an initializer.

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this is the new and easier way of doing it. –  Harsha M V Jun 22 at 9:04

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