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I would like to get a similar result to:

class MyClass(db.Model):

i.e., the object of this class should have field on a list of its properties:


However, these fields should be created dynamically based on the definition of their names and types, as in the example below:

class MyClass(db.Model):
    def __init__(self,*args,**kwargs):
        defs={'field':'d','otherfield':'s'} #'d' for integer, 's' for string
        for key in defs:
            val=db.StringProperty() if typeof=='s' else db.IntegerProperty()
            #tried these lines below... but properties() are still empty :|
            setattr(self, key, val)
            setattr(self.__class__, key, val)
            setattr(self.__class__, key, property(lambda self: self.__dict__[key]))

None of the setattr lines worked (they create fields but not properties); the list of properties in the object remains empty, therefore it seems that I cannot use such objects in db.GqlQuery(). I don't want to use the "Expando" model, because in my case the list of fields and their types is known and it is constant. Using eval would probably do the job but would be ugly.

I believe the two simple lines that start my post can be achieved dynamically in a simple way... I must be missing some obvious solution.

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As far as I know, you can't do something like this. There's a few problems here, db.WhateverProperty() are designed to be on the class, not on an instance. Just like regular properties, they don't have a lot of meaning when they're attached to an instance instead of the class. I think that your best bet is to use ast.literal_eval or json.loads on the StringProperty contents and handle the errors as strings.

Alternatively, you could have 2 properties/atributes on your model and then you can write access methods which delegate to the proper method based on type.

If you're not opposed to using the ndb.Model, you might be able to get away with ndb.JsonProperty -- but I'm not sure how that gets indexed for use in queries.

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