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Good day.

I am a newbie to PHP framework, and I know a little about CI. Recently, i plan to start my new practice project with Kohana. I am looking for a good PHP Chart Solution.

Requirement: Free chart library is better; Integrated with Kohana well.

Could you give me suggestion about it.

Thank you for your reply here.

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open flash charts is one (http://teethgrinder.co.uk/open-flash-chart/)

xml/swf charts (http://www.maani.us/xml%5Fcharts/) and amcharts (amcharts.com) both have free versions.

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Adding EZ Graph to the list

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Meet Flot.

Not really PHP solution because it's javascript. But people have been using it as front-end with PHP as the back-end for so long.

My own Kohana module that uses Flot: http://www.nusantarasoftware.com/hitlogger

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Hello Lukman, Does Flot could interactive with a lot of DB Data? I plan to creat my chart from the DB database. thank you. I found some sample demo example from Flot link URL above. –  Nano HE Dec 20 '09 at 9:31
btw. Does Flot support 3D chart? i doesn't find 3D sample from the URL link above. thank you. –  Nano HE Dec 20 '09 at 9:33


Free charting library

Unfortunately it is not integrated with Kohala

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I would vote for phpChart. Very easy to use. It's PHP based, the rendering occurs on the client side with rich charting feature support such as pie, 3d, bubble etc.

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It is worth digging through the excellent collection here (Flash, JS, PHP, etc.):


Being a mootooler I always prefer Mootools Javascript charts:

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i never learn mootooler before. but i would like to learn it at my practice project. thank you. –  Nano HE Dec 20 '09 at 10:53

I have used PHPlot with good results.

I'm not aware of a Kohana integration, but I just made a very simple charts controller to generate the charts and that works well.

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+1 Hi Sam, I just downloaded and tested the PHPlot sample(simpleplot.html /.php) at my localhost. It's lightweight and cool. thank you. –  Nano HE Jan 5 '10 at 15:45

There's a Kohana Charts module based on Google Charts:


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It's not strictly PHP, since it uses flot to render the graphs on the client side, but I recently developed a small graphing library for fetching database data, process it with PHP and create Google Analytics style interactive graphs from it.

It's basically a complete server/client solution to turning your database tables into graphs, and should be easy to integrate with Kohana (I've used it a lot with the Zend Framework).

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