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//Save as .ics file
msgData1 = $('#startdatehidden').val().replace(/ /g,'');
msgData2 = $('#enddatehidden').val().replace(/ /g,'');
msgData3 = $('.qr_title').val();
msgData4 = $('.qr_description').val();
msgData5 = $('.qr_organizer').val();
msgData6 = $('.qr_organizeremail').val();
msgData7 = $('.qr_location').val();

var icsMSG = "BEGIN:VCALENDAR\nVERSION:2.0\nBEGIN:VEVENT\nORGANIZER;CN=" + msgData5 + ":MAILTO:" + msgData6 + "\nDTSTART:" + msgData1 +"\nDTEND:" + msgData2 +"\nLOCATION:" + msgData7 + "\nSUMMARY:" + msgData3 + "\nDESCRIPTION:" + msgData4 + "\nEND:VEVENT\nEND:VCALENDAR";

    window.open( "data:text/calendar;charset=utf8," + escape(icsMSG));

I even tried an alert box of the values required and they show up. it works only if I put in textbox value="any text" but not on the text that I enter online

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What part doesn't work on Chrome? What happens? –  Joachim Isaksson Oct 14 '13 at 4:40

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