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I am building a Windows Phone 8 application (using MVVM Light) where I have a listpicker whose ItemsSource (one-way) & SelectedItem (two-way) are both bound to properties on a single ViewModel. Now, my question is: what is the recommended way to update the ItemsSource to a completely different set of items (that probably won't overlap with the old)?

Just replacing it, or its contents, doesn't work as I get errors because the SelectedItem is not valid. Obviously if I set the SelectedItem first, I get an error because the item isn't in the source collection yet. I've seen some workarounds that were either messy or too verbose, but I think there must already exist an easier solution since this seems to be a very common pattern.

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Share what you have tried and what errors you got, to know the solution for your question. Else, no one can able to answer. –  user3682161 Oct 14 '13 at 8:02
My best solution so far was in the getter of the SelectedItem backing property add a check that if it is not contained in the collection, set it to the first element of the collection. However, that still feels a bit like a workaround. –  Lotus Oct 15 '13 at 3:09

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Set your SelectedItem to null before you clear your ObservableCollection<T> and re-add items to it.

Be sure that the type of the SelectedItem property is nullable.

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References are always nullable, but how can I make it accept the "null" value without breaking? (stackoverflow.com/questions/4938439/…) –  Lotus Oct 15 '13 at 3:08

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