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While executing selenium RC scripts for every execution it is asking me to trust the website which is SSL certificate error , please help me with step by step process on how to avoid this while executing selenium rc scripts without manually clicking on the Get certificate button.

Browser: Mozilla OS: Windows 7 IDE: Eclipse.

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Have you checked the official selenium documentation site -- – TestAutomationEngr Oct 14 '13 at 15:04

When you run the selenium server run it with -trustAllSSLCertificates extension

Ex : java -jar selenium-server-standalone -trustAllSSLCertifictes -userExtensions userExtensions.js

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Find the selenium standalone server.jar, unzip it and dump all the contents into a folder. Go into the folder, and go into sslSupport, there should be a security certificate called cybervillainsCA. You can add this certificate to your browser.

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