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Is there an equivalent to getopt() in the visual studio CRT?

Or do I need to get it and compile it with my project?

Edit clarification
getopt is a utility function in the unix/linux C Run Time library for common command line parsing chores i.e. parsing arguments of the form -a -b -f someArg etc'

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For those who are not familiar with it (but do know the MSVC++ CRT), it may be helpful to explain what the function does. Can be hard to say if there's an equivalent otherwise. :) – jalf Dec 20 '09 at 15:30
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You can use the getopt implementation from the GNU C library. It's licensed under the LGPL, which should be compatible with most software projects. See the file posix/getopt.c in the source distribution.

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Advice: boost::program_options instead.


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it's nasty, but it suffices, i've used this in place of getopt too – Matt Joiner Dec 20 '09 at 10:33
It has minor nastyness until you get used to it, but then you have a whole bunch of benefits. It's a by-policy standard of cmdl parsing in my company. – Pavel Radzivilovsky Dec 20 '09 at 12:07

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