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I'm using codeigniter and I'm building a multilingual site, so I use Language class like this:

$this->lang->load('index', 'english');

Then, in the controller, to load all the data into my view I do this:

$data["var1"] = $this->lang->line('language_key1');
$data["var2"] = $this->lang->line('language_key2');
$data["var3"] = $this->lang->line('language_key3');
$data["var4"] = $this->lang->line('language_key4');
$data["var5"] = $this->lang->line('language_key5');
$this->load->view('index', $data);

The problem is that in some controllers I have to load more than 100 language keys, and I wonder if there is a simpler way to do this.

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There is a simple way to do this instead of language class you can use language helper.

Here is you can see the documentation

In you view you can use this

<p><?php echo lang('language_key1')?></p>

Also if you want to use language class you can use it like this

$data['language'] = $this->lang->load('index', 'english',true);

Passing third parameter as true will return the array of language items. Then in the view you can use like this

echo $language['language_key1'];
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Thanks! and another question: Is a good practice load the meta description and meta keywords in a language file and load it depending on the user language? –  Joana Oct 14 '13 at 9:25
i am afraid i dont have any idea about this as i have never done it like this –  raheel shan Oct 14 '13 at 9:38

CI has lang() function in system/language_helper.php. And it uses directly in your template.

 <a href="#" class="slct"><?php lang('s_no') ?></a>


<input type="submit" class="bigButton" value="<?php lang('lang_continue') ?>" />

More http://ellislab.com/codeigniter/user-guide/helpers/language_helper.html

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