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I have been trying it for sometime and I have to create view for complex frontend application. This looks like I am able to send array list like:

In Controller :

ArrayList<String> cname = new ArrayList<>();

And in View :

@(cname: List[String])

But, now I have to create an array of this array. This could be other data structure as well like List, but for now I have to pass an array of array, which looks like :

ArrayList<ArrayList<String>> arr = new ArrayList<>();

What type should be view then ? Below is not working :

@(cname : List[List[String]])

Any reference to tutorial/guide for such arrays for future reference would be much helpful.

Edit :

I need to pass ArrayList of ArrayList. The program in question is :

            cname = rs.getString("customername");
            cmobile = rs.getString("customermobile");
            amount = rs.getString("billamount");



And I have to send rowsArray to front. I know using this kind of queries is abuse of Play Framework, but in this case, I had to go as native as possible. Is there any otherway I can send such data to frontend except JPA ? Is it possible that I create a class with these arrays and then in my controller create array of objects and send it to view ?

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Can u answer this please stackoverflow.com/questions/29433509/… –  Sumeet Hiremath Apr 5 at 11:10

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You need the fully qualified class names since Scala has its own list type that shadows the Java list or is not imported automatically.


@(cname : java.util.List[java.util.List[String]])


List<List<String>> arr = new ArrayList<>();


@(cname : java.util.ArrayList[java.util.ArrayList[String]])


ArrayList<ArrayList<String>> arr = new ArrayList<>();

But the code could be more cleaner if you use types (new classes) for your data.

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so this should be applied for Collections as well. –  akshayb Oct 16 '13 at 19:50

List references to the scala type : List and not the java super type java.util.List. I have never used the Java version of Playframework but you should try to pass : ArrayList[ArrayList[String]].

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tried but doesn't work. –  akshayb Oct 14 '13 at 7:53
Could you show the exact error message? –  i.am.michiel Oct 14 '13 at 9:03

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