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i have an application of play that need to be secure. i have try to import module secure, it working the application need login now, and now i have another problem. I want to authenticate from REST. I mean how client request to my application for authenticate?, i have try like this

public static Response logIn(){
    DataInputStream dis = new DataInputStream(request.body);
    String request;
    response.status = 400;
    try {
        while(null != ((request = dis.readLine()))){
            JSONObject jsonObject = new JSONObject(request);
            String username = jsonObject.getString("username");
            String password = jsonObject.getString("password");
            boolean authenticated = Security.authenticate(username, password);
                response.status = 200;
                return response;
                response.status = 400;
                return response;
    } catch (IOException | JSONException e) {
    return response;

but when i test it with rest client, it error, it say that server redirected too many. Sorry for my bad English, i want an example if that posible

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You can try one of ready decisions, for example play authenticate plugin or use this article

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iam using play framework 1.2.5 is that no problem? –  Yusuf1494 Oct 14 '13 at 8:15

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