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I'm writing a C program which I want to execute on my Desktop running Linux and also on an Android device.
I have to make some Desktop specific things and some Android specific things.
My question is, is there a way to get the OS version in C so I can handle if the program is executed on the Desktop or on the Android device?

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In your native code, you could use property_get(), something like this:

#include <cutils/properties.h>

// ...

int myfunction() {
    char sdk_ver_str[PROPERTY_VALUE_MAX] = "0";
    property_get("ro.build.version.sdk", sdk_ver_str, "0");
    sdk_ver = atoi(sdk_ver_str);
    // ...   

On desktop, property_get() should return empty string.

You can use adb shell getprop to see all possible Android properties. But, be aware that not all of them are supported by all devices.

UPDATE: If you don't need OS version, but simply want to tell if your C/C++ code is running on Android, very simple way to tell is to check if environment variable ANDROID_PROPERTY_WORKSPACE exists, something like:

    // running under Android
} else {
    // running on desktop

This method only needs getenv(), which is provided by stdlib.h.

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I couldn't find <cutils/properties.h> in my NDK, but using __system_property_get from <sys/system_properties.h> worked. –  weiyin Mar 9 at 19:56

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