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I have managed to create an Ext.tree.TreePanel that loads child nodes dynamically, but I'm having a difficult time clearing the tree and loading it with new data. Can someone help me with the code to do this?

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From the wonderful blog of Saki an ExtJS guru.

while(node.firstChild) {


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In my case, my Ext tree has a hidden root node of type AsyncTreeNode. If I want to clear the tree and repopulate from the server, it's pretty simple:

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In Ext JS 4:

if you want to reload the data of the tree panel, you need to reload the tree store:


where treeId is the id of the tree. If you have a store id, you may directly use load() on store id.

to remove all child nodes:


However, removing child nodes is not necessary for reloading the tree nodes from its store.

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I ran into a similar problem and the solution i came up with was to 'tag' the node has having not loaded when it was collapsed thus forcing a reload when it was re-expanded.

listeners: {
   collapsenode: function(node){
   node.loaded = false;
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I finally found an answer in their forums. For anyone interested it is here:

if (tree)
    var delNode;
    while (delNode = tree.root.childNodes[0])
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you can simply use node.removeAll() to remove all child nodes from this node.


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if (tree) { var delNode; while (delNode = tree.root.childNodes[0]) tree.root.removeChild(delNode); }

I don't know Ext, but I'm guessing that they have DOM abstraction that might make that easier. An equivalent in Prototype would be something like:

tree.root.immediateDescendants().invoke('remove'); // or
tree.root.select('> *').invoke('remove');

Unless tree.root refers to a collection object rather than the tree's root DOM node, but is borrowing DOM API method names? That seems really unlikely, especially for a modern JS library.

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