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I have troubles to SUM time in a varchar/nvarchar data type field.

This is the format what I'm trying to SUM: (HH:mm:ss)

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what error u r getting??? –  Ronak Bhatt Oct 14 '13 at 8:29
Why are you not using a TIME data type field for this? –  RFerwerda Oct 14 '13 at 8:35
The database was designed a couple of years ago, I really don't know why they have chosen for nvarchar data type field. This is what I've tried: select convert(nvarchar(255),dateadd(second,SUM ( DATEPART(hh,(convert(time,[column],1))) * 3600 FROM [table] The error I get is a syntax error where a operator is missing –  Tim Oct 14 '13 at 8:48

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Here you go:

create table tblTime (dt datetime)
insert tblTime values

Here is the calculation:

Select cast(sum(datediff(second,0,dt))/3600 as varchar(12)) + ':' + 
            right('0' + cast(sum(datediff(second,0,dt))/60%60 as varchar(2)),2) +
            ':' + right('0' + cast(sum(datediff(second,0,dt))%60 as varchar(2)),2)
from tblTime

Output: 0:45:00

Live Demo

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declare @time1 varchar(8) = '00:25:00';
declare @time2 varchar(8) = '00:20:00';

select CONVERT(varchar(8),
                  DATEADD (SECOND ,
                 (CONVERT(int, LEFT(@time1, 2))*60*60  /* hours in seconds*/ 
                 + CONVERT(int, substring(@time1,4,2)*60) /* minutes in seconds*/
                 + CONVERT(int, RIGHT(@time1, 2)))/* seconds only */
                 , '19000101 ' + @time2
               ,108)/* convert back to time format*/
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You can also try as,

create table timeSum (value1 varchar(50), value3 varchar(50))

insert into timeSum values ('00:45', '00:10')


select Convert(Varchar,(Convert(DateTime,Value1 )+Convert(DateTime,value3)),114) as TotalTime from timeSum 

Out Put: 00:55:00:000

Remarks :

  • I recommended you to use DateTime or Time datatype for in Date or Time related field.
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I have figured it out:

select convert(decimal(18, 2), convert(decimal(18, 2), ppt.hour) + convert(decimal(18, 2), convert(decimal(18, 2), ppt.minute/ 60)) + convert(decimal(18, 2), convert(decimal(18, 2), ppt.second / 3600))) AS Hours, ppt.[column] from (select SUM(convert(decimal(2),left([column], 2))) AS hour, SUM(convert(decimal(2), left(right([column], 5), 2))) AS minute, SUM(convert(decimal(2), right([column], 2))) AS second, [column] FROM [table] GROUP BY [column]) AS ppt
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