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I am writing tests with Arquillian embedded. But i am facing issue when my bean is in View Scope. I just posted my sample code. When my DataBean is in ViewScope it doesn't run and throws some exception. But when i changed it to RequestScope it worked fine.

public class MockTest { 

    public static Archive<?> createDeployment() {           
        JavaArchive jar = ShrinkWrap.create(JavaArchive.class)                  
            .addAsManifestResource(EmptyAsset.INSTANCE, "beans.xml");    
        return jar;    

private DataBean dataBean;    

public void testDataBean() throws Exception {    


    Assert.assertEquals(status, true);    


public class DataBean {   
    public boolean checkSystemStatus() {  
        return true;   

Can someone please tell, Can we use ViewScope with Arquillian or anything else i have to do.

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It's because the view scope is not active during the invocation of your test. To run it this way, you'll need to use something like drone/graphene. It's not active because the HTTP request that runs is against the arquillian test runner servlet, not the webpage of your application. ViewScope is specific to a page in your application.

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