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I'm doing a https authentication with login and password, according to RFC the URI should look like this:

But when the login is an email, the @ sign is interpreted as the host delimiter:

How should a correct URI look like?

[edit] Some background: I'm retriving PivotalTracker authentication token using

require 'net/http'
require 'net/https'
require 'open-uri'

def validate_with_credentials
  doc = Nokogiri::XML(open(authentication_uri, :http_basic_authentication => [email, password]))

def authentication_uri

This works, but I want to stub the url in my feature tests, I'm using FakeWeb gem:

FakeWeb.register_uri(:get, '',
    :body =>, 'spec', 'fixtures', 'pivotal_tracker', 'responses', 'authorization_success.xml')),
    :status => ['200', 'OK'])

The problem here is that the uri shouldn't have double @, I get exception:

URI::InvalidURIError: the scheme https does not accept registry part: (or bad hostname?)

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I had to use encoding and replace @ with %40. Courtesy of ravi parekh

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