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i am storing objects to S3, i would like that object never accessed in the last month go to glacier.

After some research i don't think i can achieve this, but i hope to be wrong.

When creating lifecycle for an s3 bucket the rule is based on object creation date (not last access date)

Setting the storage class for the object will not help according to

"You cannot associate an object with the Glacier storage class as you upload it. You transition existing Amazon S3 objects to the Glacier storage class by using lifecycle management. For more information, see Object Lifecycle Management."

Does anyone know how can achieve this?


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I am thinking that maybe i can rewrite metadata of the object to refresh creation date of the object –  Riccardo Casatta Oct 14 '13 at 12:19

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For associate Glacier storage class to objects you need to apply lifecycle transition rule on objects.

For example, If you applied a lifecycle rule to move everything under "folder1" into Glacier, Then this rule is applied to exiting data as well as on newly uploaded data on "folder1" too. When data is moved to glacier then you can see that there storage class become Glacier

When you delete lifecycle rule then no new data will move into Glacier but old data will still sit in Glacier until you restore them.

For more detail : Amazon S3 - Object Lifecycle Management

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