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I m trying to execute some code statement dynamically in Python using exec()

The code statement is accepted from the user input.

How do I handle the EOF exception that occurs when the string quotes are not closed?

For eg.

 >> exec('if 5 > 1: print "5 is greater)
    # of course, this will raise an exception, 
    # how do I handle this 

How do I handle such cases, using a try-catch? What exception should I be looking for here?

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You're supposed to have a ' at the end tho right? (I understand leaving out " is part of your problem to solve but the ' should be there right?) –  Torxed Oct 14 '13 at 9:50
No! Not if the user forgets it. Its the raw input from the user! –  bkvirendra Oct 14 '13 at 9:51
Yea but, sigh.. exec('if 5 > 1: print "5 is greater') where the ' at the very end is YOUR fault, not something the user inputs ain't it not? The missing ' would not be there if you replace everything inside exec() with a variable called user_string for instance, so i'm just clarifying that that is a type-o in your question and not the actual EOL you're trying to catch because that would be close to impossible (dynamically). –  Torxed Oct 14 '13 at 9:56

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EOFError is what you are looking for

This link should help you http://docs.python.org/2/library/exceptions.html

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