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I want to add a custom field in General setting TAB in wordpress. This are the present fields that wordpress has it by default.

  1. Site Title
  2. Tag line
  3. Wordpress Address URL ...etc

I want to add a custom field like, I want to have an image upload field. To achieve this I have edited my function.php file. This is my code.

add_action( 'admin_init', 'register_settings_wpse_57647' );

    # Register settings
    function register_settings_wpse_57647() 
            'Upload your Store Logo', 

    # Print settings field content
    function upload_image_function() 

         <input type='file' name='file'> 
    <?php }
    // ends 

This code shows the upload field in my general settings. I want to update the table wp-options in my database which has option_name as logo to some option_value i.e image name, as I checked the options-general.php file the form action takes me to option.php page. I have tried putting a normal php script using isset($_POST['submit']) function but it doesn't work.

Does core PHP code works in WP environment Or I'm missing on something, Kindly suggest.

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To save an image directly in the wordpress database option table, you'll have to alter the table to allow images, which is not recommended and not a solution(your settings and code will break when you update wordpress).

What you can do: create a place in the admin (like an settings page or whatever you want) where you allow an administrator to upload the file you want to upload, then save the file in a specific theme/plugin/site folder and just save the image link in the options table using update_option and to get the value you use get_option

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