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I have a very simple problem, but I could not yet figure it out how to do it with Breeze. I have an array of IDs, which I want to exclude from Breeze Query. In SQL, I would do

FROM Items
WHERE ID NOT IN [...Array...]

How do I do the same with Breeze? Is there an operator to do this, or how can I do this manually?

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You can add multiple predicates to your Breeze query. Be careful of adding too many this way, but this is a perfect example of how we could do this -

function getAllTodos(todoIds) {
    var Predicate = breeze.Predicate;
    var query = breeze.EntityQuery

    var compoundPredicates;
    if (todoIds) {
        var criteriaPredicate;
        $.each(todoIds(), function(index, item) {
            criteriaPredicate = (index === 0)
                ? Predicate.create('todoId', '!=', item)
                : criteriaPredicate.or('todoId', '!=', item);
            if (Predicate.isPredicate(criteriaPredicate)) {
                compoundPredicates = compoundPredicates.and(criteriaPredicate);

This (or something similar) allows you to compound predicates together and get all todo's where the ID is not equal to a value found in an array.

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