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Is there any application or simple way to convert all the commands recorded by Selenium IDE to Java (Selenium webdriver)? It would be a lot more easier and would save a lot of time.

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!

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In my Selenium IDE version 2.4.0 it is easy as pie:

  1. Record testcase in Selenium IDE
  2. Click File - Export Testcase As - Java / JUnit4 / WebDriver
  3. Save File as .java

And here you go! Your testcase is converted to WebDriver ;)

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In my Selenium IDE version 2.4.0

Record a new test case with the help of Selenium IDE

 1) Click on File a primary nav bar
 2) check drop down is displayed
 3) select on Export test case as 
 4) Check you can convert selenium test case in any language EG: Java / JUnit4 / WebDriver

Save File as .java
Your testcase is converted to WebDriver

check image enter image description here

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