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I have the message as below and I have 2 regex targetted on this.

For the regex rh, it worked well. While for regex rh1, I can't figure out and the match should return something like "{{0:0.00}%,{ABND,1000},/,{OFRD,1002}}" instead of "{0:0.00" which going to be replaced with final value.

I would appreciate for any advise.

T.Format = "T1 Message: {{0:0.00}%,{ABND,1000},/,{OFRD,1002}}";

Regex rh = new Regex(@"{{(.*?)}(.*?),{(.*?),(.*?)},(.*?),{(.*?),(.*?)}}");
Match mh = rh.Match(T.Format);
Regex rh1 = new Regex(@"{(.*?)}");
Match mh1 = rh1.Match(T.Format);
decimal decReturn = 0;
string h1 = mh.Groups[1].Value.ToString();
string h2 = mh.Groups[2].Value.ToString();
string h3 = mh.Groups[3].Value.ToString();
string h4 = mh.Groups[4].Value.ToString();
string h5 = mh.Groups[5].Value.ToString();
string h6 = mh.Groups[6].Value.ToString();
string h7 = mh.Groups[7].Value.ToString();

switch (h5)
   case "+": decReturn = 0; break;
   case "-": decReturn = 0; break;
   case "*": decReturn = 0; break;
   case "/": decReturn = Convert.toInt32(h7) > 0 ? Convert.toInt32(h4) / Convert.toInt32(h7) * 100 : 0 * 100;
   default: throw new Exception("invalid logic");

string strReplace = mh1.Groups[1].Value.ToString();
string strReturn = string.Empty;
strReturn = Convert.ToString(decReturn);
strReturn = Convert.ToString(T.Format).Replace(strReplace, strReturn);
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You'll have to refine your question. The code doesn't say what you are trying to achieve. Can you provide us with an expected input and the expected output to that input? – mortb Oct 14 '13 at 10:41
Anyways; is this homework? – mortb Oct 14 '13 at 10:43
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Here is the problem:

  This makes a lazy match, one character at time

Instead replace with:

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