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I have an image of 1108px height and 907 px height. I have kept this image in a div tag and its height and width is as shown

<div id="mapframe" style="overflow:hidden;height:200px;width:300px;">
<img id="image"  src="img/Groundfloor1.jpg"  height="1108px" width="907px">

Now i do not know how to display only the specified coordinates(eg 500px from top and 100px from right) of my image at the centre of the div container and the image should be a DRAGGING IMAGE like GOOGLE MAPS. I have tried it with offset but the problem with it is that my image stops dragging. Thank you for trying to help me.

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Try using margin –  jumpingcode Oct 14 '13 at 11:44

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Does it need to be an image element? It might be easier having it as a background-image for the div and using background-position to move it around.

If you insist on having an img element, you could also use margins, but to save you some headaches I would just use absolute positioning.

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