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For the 2008 version, you mentioned Unit Testing Support (Coming soon), is it now possible to do unit testing? What are my options to circumvent related issues?

Thanks CL

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In terms of an end-to-end solution, no, not yet.

Here's what has been planned/prototyped, and what you can do in the meantime.

  1. Support for writing test classes with test methods... specifically [TestClass], [TestMethod] attributes (as well as setup/cleanup etc. methods) This would produce Foo.test.js in addition to Foo.js and Foo.debug.js... which contains all the test code compiled to script as well.

  2. A test harness that would run all test classes/methods. This is the part that needs most work on before the feature is released. I'd like to build something like the Silverlight unit testing framework.

For #1, you could use conditional code (#ifdef TEST), and create a test build flavor where you define the TEST variable. This will let you compile test code into script without it going into your release script.

For #2, you'd load up your scripts in a page that makes calls to the specific tests. You could write as sophisticated of a harness as you need - either manually hardcoded to call specific tests, or more generic that looks at tests by inspecting the scripts that were loaded into the page.

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