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Currently I'm using trial version of RFT for PowerBuilder v12.5 application. During recording when we save one windows information it generate a string (unique auto generated) for variable and use it for reference to store all other information from other windows and tabs . Currently RFT use this in Object Map for reference and when we playback the script, it fails as value of the variable changes from recorded value. I am unable to change recognition properties so that during playback it does not match above variable ‘Business Partner ID’.

I need to know how I can change the recognition property so that during playblack RFT skip the matching of this value or how can I make this dynamic so that whenever during playback RFT save the information it get the unique value each time.

Your prompt response will really help me a lot, thank you in advance. In case any other details required, do let me know.

Regards, Atif Abbas

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In cases where recognition properties of an object are dynamic , there are two approaches two handle them:

  • Convert the dynamic property value to a regular expression.
  • Convert the object itself to a dynamic test object.

You can find detail information on converting the property value to a regular expression in the below link.

Also there is a nice blog on object map of RFT:

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If you want to find objects with changing properties you can consider to use the TestObject.find method. This allows you to access test objects without even having them in the object map. A good introduction to the find method is provided by IBM developerWorks:

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