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I am currently generating a python-script with the fabric framwork that is supposed to collect a backup from a remote server and store it locally on the client running fabric.

Now, since the backup file is >400MB, it takes quite some time to transfer it. And here is where my question bumps in:

Is there any kind of progressbars for the fabric get()-function? Or rather, is it possible to add a progressbar somehow?

Here's a piece of my code:

def collect_backup():
    print "Copying scrips to be run..."
    filename, remotepath = _getlatest()
    print "Copy complete."
    print "Collecting backup..."
    localpath = _collect(filename, remotepath)

def _collect(filename, remotepath):
    a=remotepath + filename
    ####Here's the get() I was talking about
    get(a, localpath)

The "filename" and "remotepath" variables are set in another function.

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You're going to have to add a progress bar into a separate thread. Do you just want something that will run in a console window or are you using a GUI? – Benjooster Oct 14 '13 at 13:25
Not using a GUI, just a terminal. – Bob Niemöller Oct 14 '13 at 13:28
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There is a lot of great info at the following site:

Here is their solution for a console prog bar with threading:

import sys
import time
import threading

class progress_bar_loading(threading.Thread):

    def run(self):
            global stop
            global kill
            print 'Loading....  ',
            i = 0
            while stop != True:
                    if (i%4) == 0: 
                    elif (i%4) == 1: 
                    elif (i%4) == 2: 
                    elif (i%4) == 3: 


            if kill == True: 
                print '\b\b\b\b ABORT!',
                print '\b\b done!',

kill = False      
stop = False
p = progress_bar_loading()

    #anything you want to run. 
    stop = True
except KeyboardInterrupt or EOFError:
         kill = True
         stop = True

Hope that helps or at least gets you started.

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