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Has anyone tried both Redmine and Retrospectiva, and is able to make some comparison between the two?

I'm currently using Trac for my projects management and issue-tracking, but I'm looking to test some alternative and the above two seems most likely to fit my needs. I understand Redmine is more of a Trac clone, but Retrospectiva seem to support agile methodologies via a nice plugin (

Any experience with any of those in comparison to Trac would be also beneficial, from the features, but also installation and management point of view - that's where Trac gets a bit complicated, I'm not familiar with Python and I run into problems when something breaks. So something that is stable by itself and the underlying platform and needs minor maintenance work is an advantage. What are your experiences with those?

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Retrospectiva is a younger project by far, well set up for agile/story based development methods, but lacking the sheer breadth of plugins and/or additional components that are available for the Redmine project.

If you want/need multiproject and more than a stock setup of Retrospectiva, then I'd look seriously at Redmine with the Scrum Alliance plugins (

I don't think Retrospectiva is out of the race by any means, but Redmine definitely has the lead here.

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thanks for the response. about plugins and additionals, i'm pretty happy with the bare trac installation, for the features part, except lacking multiproject, so the 'stock setup' might be ok. still, i'll check out redmine scrum alliance plugins, thanx for the tip. – zappan Dec 21 '09 at 19:17
Try to avoid the Scrum Alliance plugins for Redmine. They were never finished and required a modified Redmine to work. From what I've heard the Scrum Alliance Redmine project has stopped so it's no longer maintained and is missing several critical security updates. The Redmine community is working on several other agile plugins, a few are production ready and actively maintained. – Eric Davis Dec 23 '09 at 1:17
Thanks, Eric, for the valuable comment – zappan Dec 27 '09 at 19:32
since I wrote this I've switched to using redmine_backlogs - which seems to be an outgrowth of the earlier work. – heckj Nov 22 '10 at 23:53

Here is another Redmine plugin to take a look at. They have many other but I couldn't post because of the spam protection. It goes from a simple scrum dashboard to a more complex dashboard with statistics and other cool stuff. This one is the most complete scrum plugin for Redmine.

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Retrospectiva is simply a beautiful application, and I'm sad that it seems to have died. Redmine feels cluttered and bloated. Other online issue trackers only support public projects, and charge for private use. Thoughtworks Mingle is fantastic, but expensive and requires massive computing resources.

So I would to see more interest in the Retrospectiva project. I feel that it's only a few features / integrations away from being my ideal issue tracker.

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I prefer Redmine, because it's extraordinary features. For support of Agile development is also good.

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