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Currently I'm working on a project with NRefactory. We're filtering typedeclarations like 'Class' and 'Interface' out of a .cs file. We would like to place these typedeclarations into a custom namespace, but for some reason it's not working. Is anyone able to assist me with this problem?

I've tried the following code:

typeDeclaration.Parent.InsertChildBefore(typeDeclaration, ns, new Role<NamespaceDeclaration>("customNamespace"));
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What do you mean "is not working"? What does it do? I think the code you have would turn class C {} into namespace customNamespace {} class C{}, which is not what you want. – svick Oct 14 '13 at 14:18
True that's not what I want.. Well, when I use: ToString() the whole namespace attribute is missing, so it's not inserted – Mittchel Oct 14 '13 at 14:24

I've never tried to insert a Namespace node before the TypeDeclaration. Instead I've added the Namespace first and then added the TypeDeclaration:

  public static void AddChildTypeDeclaration(
        this AstNode tree, 
        TypeDeclaration newClass,
        NamespaceDeclaration parentNamespace = null)
        if (null != parentNamespace)
            var newNamespaceNode = new NamespaceDeclaration(


            tree.AddChild(newNamespaceNode, SyntaxTree.MemberRole);
            tree.AddChild(newClass, Roles.TypeMemberRole);
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