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How can I create an integrated file editor in Visual Studio like as Crystal Reports Editor or RDLC Report Editor

more information: as you might be work with crystal report, when you click on your crystal report file "rpt file" in your solution bar , it'll open in an integrated report editor called "crystal report editor" inside like as source files. I want to design my own editor that integrated in

visual 2008

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Can you specify more your question please? – Nathan Campos Dec 20 '09 at 15:48
Which version of Visual Studio ? (There are much better support for doing this kind of thing easily in the upcoming Visual Studio 2010, but it is possible in previous versions too). – driis Dec 20 '09 at 15:49
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VS is easily extended.

The basic extension method is to write macros, but if you wish to implement an embedded editor then you will need to get more advanced - an Add-in, Package, or for VS2010 you can now make an Extension.

Extensions are much better/easier to develop than addins, but fundamentally they both allow much the same thing - low level access to the internals of VS.

You can find a lot of information about addins and extensibility by searching on those terms, but here are a couple of useful starting points:

mz tools
MS extensibility center
MS forums

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