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I have coded up a small ruby gem that I use on my laptop to check disk space and other things.

I am using a sidekiq worker that runs periodically and emails me status updates.

I was wondering how to make a sidekiq worker run automatically after I restart OSX? Is this possible?


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To run sidekiq you need to run: bundle exec sidekiq. If you want to run this on startup then you can follow these steps:

  1. Start Automator.app;
  2. Select "Application";
  3. Click "Show library" in the toolbar (if hidden);
  4. Add "Run shell script" (from the Actions/Utilities);
  5. Add script 'bundle exec sidekiq Or cd YOUR_APP_PATH&&bundle exec sidekiq;
  6. Test it;
  7. Save it somewhere: a file called your_name.app will be created);
  8. Go to System Preferences → Accounts → Login items;

More startup script options are here

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