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I am using latexmk to compile my LaTeX thesis. I keep the thesis on my Dropbox, and as the dozens-to-hundreds of .aux and associated files are created, Dropbox indexing induces a significant overhead.

I thus want to insert the following bash script before compilation starts to stop Dropbox:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
dropbox_pid="$echo $(pgrep Dropbox)"
kill -STOP $dropbox_pid

and correspondingly, to restart Dropbox at the end, I would like:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
dropbox_pid="$echo $(pgrep Dropbox)"
kill -CONT $dropbox_pid

How do I do this by editing the local latexmkrc?

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Not sure you will be able to send the SIGCONT signal from the latexmkrc ; isn't this file sourced before the compilation?

You could try to set a bash function such as:

compile () {
pkill -STOP Dropbox;
# compile_command "$@"
pkill -CONT Dropbox
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