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Using Python and Pyplot, I am plotting two subplots, one above the other. Plot A (the upper plot) is an imshow and plot B is just a scatterplot.

I have done this okay, except I am having trouble with the colorbar that belongs to plot 1.

The relevant parts of my script look something like this:


ax_a.xaxis.set_visible(False) # I only want axis labels on the lower plot
plt.imshow(grid_resid[:,:], aspect="auto")

cbaxes = fig.add_axes([0.75, 0.47, 0.2, 0.02]) 
cb = plt.colorbar(cax = cbaxes,orientation="horizontal")


The problem is that I want the colorbar to be positioned over the lower plot, even though it belongs to the upper plot. When I try to do this, the colorbar gets hidden by the lower plot.

Can I make the colorbar come to the front? Thank you.

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