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The following question is regarding Microsofts Test Manger, which is included with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Premium and higher.

I have a hierarchic structure of test plans.


enter image description here

When I want to create a new test case I usually do an exploratory test and then create a new test case from it by clicking on Create test case:

enter image description here

This has the benefit, that my performed steps during the test are automatically documented. My problem here is that I can not select to which test plan I would like to add my new test case. After saving the new test case, it will be added to the root test plan, which in this case ist WEB Test. Then I have to move the test case manually into the appropriate sub test plan. This kind of workflow seems more like a workaround instead of a workflow.

My question therefore is, how to associate a new test case, which is created by an exploratory test, with a specific test plan?

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I have noticed that when I use a requirements-based test suite, that right-clicking the suite will show an "Explore requirement" menu item. Clicking it starts up exploratory testing. I haven't tried this yet, but it's possible that any test case created during that testing will be associated with the requirement, and possibly even with the suite.

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