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I am thinking about OpenUP framework, I read all documents about this framework but I don't understand some issues.

Hypotetically I have and SW project and this project consists of following tasks (priority level determines how much important is the task for stakeholders):

  • 5 tasks - HIGH priority
  • 10 tasks - MEDIUM priority
  • 15 tasks - LOW priority

There is a requirement from stakeholders that their users need to use functionality which is described in high priority tasks. The team goes through all four phases - inception, elaboration, construction and transition and finish high priority tasks. At the end of transiotion phase all high priority task are deployed, I am assuming that team should not work on lower priority tasks when high priority tasks are not done.

My question: for tasks with medium and low priority there is need to repeat all phases (inception, elaboration, construction and transition) or medium and low priority tasks are created parallelly during high priority task?

What about new requirements? When team pass through transition phase the project is done and could be closed. What to do when customers have new requirement? - project goes back to inception phase?

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