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I'm having an issue properly setting up some options in Apache CLI.

I'm trying for something like this...

usage: ViewReport -r <file> -d <name> [-rp [arg1] [arg2] [arg3] ... ] [OPTIONS]
 -r <file>                Report path
 -d <name>                DB Config Name
 -rp <name|class|value>   list of report parameters

I need the -rp option to have unlimited amount of args and each arg would be a comma delimited list of name,className,objectValue.

I can't figure how to configure my options to handle something similar to this for CLI to handle a list as input.

EDIT Lets say Args need to be a list item pair name=value

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See my answer to unlimited option arguments here

This is possible using


Where the parameters to the options must be space separated. The rest (e.g. splitting up the args) is up to you

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