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I'm looking at some legacy code that includes

someJqueryObject.bind("mouseover.someOtherString", function() ...)

What does it mean to add the ".someOtherString" qualifier to the eventType? I can't find documentation of the expected behavior.

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Those are namespaced events.

From the documentation for on:

An event name can be qualified by event namespaces that simplify removing or triggering the event. For example, "click.myPlugin.simple" defines both the myPlugin and simple namespaces for this particular click event. A click event handler attached via that string could be removed with .off("click.myPlugin") or .off("click.simple") without disturbing other click handlers attached to the elements.

In summary, it's a good practice to namespace your event bindings when you're creating a plugin (although the practice comes in handy elsewhere too).

This way you can safely remove event handlers with a certain namespace without accidentally removing any handlers that were not added by your plugin.

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