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I test examples from HLA Starter Kit by using Eclipse and Pitch pRTI Free. For fuelEconomy example, carsimj, simulationanager and mapviewer start normally.

But simulation manager has only these commands

Select a command

1: Start simulating
2: Stop simulating
Q: Quit the Master Federate

It doesn’t include all command. And also mapviewer is no scenario loaded.

What should I do? Please advise me.

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I've changed the tag, since the hla tag refers to High Level Assembly, not High Level Architecture (simulation) –  DNA May 2 at 21:15

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I am using the instructions from Lab D-1: A first test run of the federation in the HLA Tutorial.

When I start the Simulation Manager federate I get the following messages on the console:

Welcome to the Master Federate of the Fuel Economy Federation
Make sure that your desired federates have joined the federation!

Select a command
1. Load the cupertino scenario
2. Load the redmond scenario
3. Start simulating
4. Stop simulating
Q. Quit the Master Federate

Make sure that Simulation.config can be found in the current working directory, and that the scenarioDir in the config file points to the root scenario directory.

My Installation

My Simulation.config looks like this:

federationName=HLA Tutorial


The scenario dir contains the following files:

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I dont use eclipse at all. But from my personal experience I advice you to try HIDE. You can download it fron here https://sites.google.com/site/highlevelassembly/downloads/hide

Hope I helped :)

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This question is about the distributed simulations standard High Level Architecture (HLA). –  ante Jan 29 at 12:47

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