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How do i get the history of a WebView using the WebBackForwardList class? I looked at the documentation page but i could not understand it, is WebBackForwardList the proper way to access the history of WebView? I intend to parse the history to a ListView, I cannot find any examples of how to access the history of WebView, What is the proper method to get the history?

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What is it exactly, that you do not understand? The WebBackForwardList is a list of WebHistoryItems with a size, that is the sum of backward and forward items. If you go backwards from the current index down to 0, you can fetch the back-items. If you go up from current index to getSize-1, you can fetch the forward items (pages which where visited and then back was pressed.) – user2808624 Oct 14 '13 at 17:46
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On your webView instance, just use copyBackForwardList(), for example

WebBackForwardList wbfl = webView.copyBackForwardList();

Then setup a for-loop to scan the list, pull entries (e.g., title, URL), and send them to your ListView (or whatever).

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