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I'm a new python programmer, got a simple question, I'm sure it had been answered before but couldn't find an answer.

Anyways, when I used the time function in python i had received: 8.731943940129682e-05 sec. what does the e-05 mean? thanks.

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That's scientific notation applied to computing. E-05 means 10 to the power of -5:

8.73194...E-05 = 8.73194 * 10^(-5) = 0.000 087 319 4...
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Thanks @hcwhsa for code formatting :D –  SonicARG Oct 14 '13 at 17:55

Another way to look at it:

>>> '{:.9f} sec'.format(8.731943940129682e-05)
'0.000087319 sec'
>>> '{:.15f} sec'.format(8.731943940129682e-05)
'0.000087319439401 sec'
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