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I am trying to retrieve values from a custom configuration from a Web.config file while running one of my web projects in Visual Studio 2012.

When I attempt to execute this code:

classes.Globals.ASPNET2Configuration configInfoRepresentativeAddress =  

I get this error:

Error: An error occurred creating the configuration section handler for customConfig/RepresentativeAddresses: Could not load type 'pri001___P_Website.classes.Globals.ASPNET2Configuration'. (C:\[pathToProjectFiles]\web.config line 9) Please note: the "P" in the default namespace stands for something else - I removed the actual value for this posting

I am pretty certain that my issue lies with the type property in the section node of the Web.config file. I have researched and tried several different values for this but all failed. The Globals.cs file, which contains the configuration classes is in a folder called "classes". This is part of the directory structure to help clarify:

Project Directory Tree

Here is the markup:

    <sectionGroup name="customConfig">
      <section name="RepresentativeAddresses" 
               allowLocation="true" />
        <add representativeName="biff" eMailAddress="biff@foo.com"/>
        <add representativeName="dick" eMailAddress="dick@foo.com"/>
        <add representativeName="rod" eMailAddress="rod@foo.com"/>

Here is the code for my configuration classes:

 namespace pri001___P_Website.classes
    public static class Globals
        public class ASPNET2Configuration_Representative : ConfigurationElement
            public string representativeName
                get { return this["representativeName"] as string; }
            public string eMailAddress
                get { return this["eMailAddress"] as string; }

        public class ASPNET2Configuration_RepresentativeCollection : ConfigurationElementCollection
            public ASPNET2Configuration_Representative this[int index]
                    return base.BaseGet(index) as ASPNET2Configuration_Representative;
                    if (base.BaseGet(index) != null)

                    this.BaseAdd(index, value);

            protected override ConfigurationElement CreateNewElement()
                return new ASPNET2Configuration_Representative();

            protected override object GetElementKey(ConfigurationElement element)
                return ((ASPNET2Configuration_Representative)element).representativeName;

        public class ASPNET2Configuration : ConfigurationSection
            public static ASPNET2Configuration GetConfig()
                return ConfigurationManager.GetSection("customConfig/RepresentativeAddresses") as ASPNET2Configuration;

            public ASPNET2Configuration_RepresentativeCollection Representatives
                get { return this["Reprensentatives"] as ASPNET2Configuration_RepresentativeCollection; }

Is the type property's value in fact my problem, or is there something else amiss?

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interresting namespace. almost smells generated. You could try augmenting the type with the full library information, eg; "{type}, {assembly FQN}" –  Marvin Smit Oct 14 '13 at 18:54
i made the assembly (pri001-P_Website.dll) strongly typed and then changed the TYPE node to type="pri001___P_Website.classes.Globals.ASPNET2Configuration, pri001-P_Website, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=5faeb48aeb1ecbc6" but it says that it "Could not load type..." –  RoastBeast Oct 17 '13 at 18:46
i got it to work by changing the ASPNET2Configuration class name to ASPNET2ConfigurationSection and modifying the type property of the section name node in the web.config to pri001___P_Website.ASPNET2ConfigurationSection. i also moved the custom configuration classes into the asp.net page for simplicity; will move it out later but it's working now. –  RoastBeast Oct 30 '13 at 17:00

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