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Are there any existing tools or libraries to grab the UUID(s) from the Mach-o binary load command header?

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otool -l? or did I misunderstand your question

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I meant native libraries that a Java program could use. I think I may end up calling out to shell command since my searching has been fruitless. – James McMahon Oct 14 '13 at 19:50
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After attempting to us objdump from my Groovy process.

"objdump -P load ${filename}".execute()

I couldn't get this to work under our Ubuntu servers, even after I compiled binutils with arm support.

I ended up hacking together a really quick and dirty library to read Mach-o binaries. I'm going to avoid posting it here because it was done so quickly, but a coworker of mine took some time and wrote up what looks like a much more robust solution,

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