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I am new to crystal report. I need add a nest if statement in recrod selection formula

The original one like this

    if {?Company}<>0 then  {HQCO.HQCo}={?Company} else 1=1 and
    if {?Job}<>'zzzzz' then {udJobEmp.Job}={?Job} else 1=1 and 
    if {?Employee}<>0 then {udJobEmp.Employee}={?Employee} else 1=1

but i need use nest if statement, i try to do something like this but it is not right.

if ({?Company}<>0 then if 
  ({?Job}<>'zzzzz' then if
    ( {?Employee}<>0 then {udJobEmp.Employee}={?Employee} then  {udJobEmp.Job}={?Job}  then      {HQCO.HQCo}={?Company} else 1=1)else 1=1)else1=1)


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I try and avoid using if's in selection formula. Try something more like:

({?Company}=0 or {HQCO.HQCo}={?Company}) and
({?Job}='zzzzz' or {udJobEmp.Job}={?Job}) and 
({?Employee}=0 or {udJobEmp.Employee}={?Employee})
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Thank you so much. It works perfect. – user1723572 Oct 15 '13 at 12:09

I'm not sure if I got your logic correct, but this is how you would approach this whole thing:

if ({?Company}<>0) AND ({?Job}<>'zzzzz') AND ({?Employee}<>0) THEN 
({udJobEmp.Employee}={?Employee}) AND ({HQCO.HQCo}={?Company}) ELSE
1 = 1

Hope this helps,


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Thank,I will try it – user2587986 Oct 14 '13 at 19:17

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