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First of all, thanks everyone who is even reading this. I'm able to save a stream from my IP CAM into a file using the given command (although I'm getting no audio recorded to the file, if anyone can help with that would be great too)

cvlc "http://***.***.*.***:****/videostream.asf?user=admin&pwd=**&rate=12&resolution=32" --run-time=10 --sout="#std{access=file,mux=asf,dst=path\test.asf}" vlc://quit --qt-start-minimized --no-qt-notification

This gives me a 7~8 seconds long recording, but the lenght of the video I want to make will be determined by an external factor (the camera's motion detection alarm). If I remove the "--run-time" it starts recording undefinatelly, so how can I tell VLC that it's time to stop saving the stream? ps: I want to make this automatic, so I'm only using command line. ps2: I'm using Ubuntu OS.

Thank you all very much!

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